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Aug 20, 2008

Noah's Band of the Week - Buffalo outfit The Manics, the first ever two time Band of the Week, has released a new album with great success at the Town Ballroom.  Pat from The Manics joins us to talk about music, life, love, and inappropriate questions.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - After Noah had a great time playing a festival in the area, he decided to feature lovely and palatial Alfred, NY, home to Alfred State, Alfred U, and, of course, P.S.E.  Mr. History tells us about the epic battle between the humans and the wolf-thers.

The Stapp Infection - Consensus worst front man of all time, Scott Stapp, is "honored" again by our presentation of this prestigious award to the dirtiest musician of the week.  And oh boy, does it ever get dirty this week.  Irv!

Also on the show this week, Carl's Movie Reviews (still going from last week), Rush pops one out, and various other insanity takes place.  Enjoy!!!