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Apr 23, 2014

Local jam rockers Psychedelic Dragons join the show in studio for a hazy night of giggles with Jim, Joe, and Brian of the band voted Best WNY Jam Band in 2012 and 2013, to discuss their unique brand of improvisational magic. Amidst the tomfoolery we learn about the Dragon Room, taking selfies in the Dragon Room, and from there the show descends into madness. We learn about the magical 8 string octave bass, the lunchbox, and Jimmy's finger pickin' magic.

Someone has to be the 420 bunny, and hopefully Joe wears the KISS boots. Cranberries suck - which will inevitably result in a lawsuit. We talk hair dye and then get some calls from Floridian family members, including Brian's dad who elaborates on dustings of snow, sand, and cocaine, and needles in the street.

In the Stapp Infection, we learn that Hillary has thrown her support behind Pussy Riot, Jack White will be setting a record with his new record, and of course that Andre Johnson has cut his own dick off.