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Sep 26, 2010

Well, this was an interesting one.  Our great friend and longtime cohost Thumb, in a baffling turn of events, abandoned the show midway through the interview and after an awkward few moments of confusion was subsequently fired from the show.  The Ark soldiered on as Kyle and Think So Jorge took over hosting duties.  And then the crew ate peanut butter chocolate cake.  The show must go on.

Noah's Band of the Week - Think So Brain, back again with news, updates, and a boatload of good conversation.  Pecan pie never tasted so good.

The Stapp Infection - Always hilarious, another great bit with the scoundrels of music douchery having their way with the masses.  Pecan pie, still delicious.

Tweets of the Week - It's speed tweets and everyone who stuck around got involved.  Mmm mmm...pecan pie just never ever gets old to the emotionally shattered Ark faithful.