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Dec 28, 2010

This week on the Ark Kyle is our big winner again in the football picks.  However, he can't escape the punishment of licking Jorge's seat.  And he really got down on it.  Jorge, I mean.  He actually sat bare assed for a while to pile on the pain.

The Stapp Infection - Gucci mane is arrested, and freed, 50 Cent picks himself back up, Velvet Revolver searches for a new front man, Magnolia is...who?  Seriously who is Magnolia?  Oh well.  Beefheart gets flushed and much more, with Demi Lovato doing dirty things and of course, Hayley Williams...

Tweets of the Week - Rob Thomas muses on terrible driving, Owl waters fake plants, Conan brings the funny, and the crew interprets what all this mumbo jumbo really means.