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Oct 30, 2010

We're back from vacation and well rested for a night of depravity.  The crew is in studio and ready to traverse the border, taking on Canada in our second ever international band of the week.  Of course, it's only good ol' Toronto which isn't that far from palatial Niagara Falls, NY, but technically still international.  We're global baby!

Noah's Band of the Week - TC Folkpunk, a folky punky rocker with shades of political commentary laced in his original music.  Tim joins the show to discuss a wide variety of topics, from festivals to Canadian ballet.

The Stapp Infection - A couple of deaths, a Devo tour cancelation, and of course, plenty of TI.  And we can finally award the Stapp to the bed intruder guy.  Because he's snatching your people up.  So hide your kids.  Forreals.