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Jun 26, 2010

People keep commenting on the professionalism and all around dedication produced by local affiliates, not that we ever come up in the conversation, I'm just saying...Metal Inquisition proudly brings you the heaviest local, national and international music to assail your earholes. This week is no exception, Metal News, MTV still sucks ass, Ozzy keeps talking, is anyone listening?...if they are, can they understand him?...This week a classic mystery albumside, tune in to find out. Here's the list of organ donors and malcontents that defiled the airwaves this week;

1-Abdicate-Divine Redemption
2-Psyopus-Kill Us
3-Grave Descent-Executioner Of Man
4-Hellcannon-Vicious Circle
5-   "      -Speed Killer
6-Penetration-Eaten By Wolves
7-Mortalum-For What
8-Bucket Of Ducks-Maiden Voyage
10-Dragonwind-Consuming The Sun
11-Russian Steal-Death Distrust Dishonor
12-Decrepitaph-Birth Of Hideous Apparitons
13-Kreator-Destroy What Destroys You
14-Witchery-The Reaver
15-Usurper-Return of the Werewolf
16-Morgue-Severe Psychopathology
17-Mystery Track
18-Motorhead-Dancing On Your Grave
19-Resistant Culture-Ecocide
20-27---Classic Mystery Albumside O The Week---