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Jan 29, 2010

As promised in the last episode, the old-school metal keeps bleeding through into yet another edition of the Metal Mayhem Re-Enactment as I like to dub it. Mullet or Skin, something for everyone to mosh to in the first couple blocks...Metal News, They finally found Morgan(We dedicate this episode to her memory), A Classic Act Calls It Quits and more...A Head2Head Battle between  the exalted Stonehead and a mystery band of my choosing.(Be sure and vote in at if). Here's your hitlist for episode 102...

1-Flotsam and Jetsam-Metal Shock
2-Bathory-For All Those Who Died
4-Napalm Death-Unchallenged Hate
5-Eternal Torment-Temptation of Mind Shutdown
6-Black Flag-Depression
7-Helmet-Born Annoying
8-Blood Feast-Menacing Thunder
9-Tirant Sin-Decapitated
10-Atrophy-Killing Machine
11-Moment Of Truth-Suffer
13-Mystery Band
15-Bone Deep-Snap(LiveatEveningStar)
16-The Wheezing Stumblers-The Grain(LiveatClubDiablo)
17-Axegrinder-Never Ending Winter
18-Product Of Hostility-Mass Genocide
Artist Spotlight---Dragonwind---new CD"Return of the Dragon"
19-Beyond the Ashen Bridges
20-Consuming The Sun