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Jan 22, 2010

This week on Metal Inquisition we continue our monument to our roots by playing a pluthera of old-school metal, peppered with both old and new local offerings, a most offensive set sure to displease everyone in one form or fashion. More premiers than you can shake a stick at, as well as an Albumside from Abdicate from their latest release "Forged In Ruin". Here's a map to try and follow the path of Metally Goodness to enligtenment;

2-Cromags-Sign Of The Times
3-Anthrax-One World
4-Sons Of Azrael-Touched By God
5-Shocklift-The Undertaker
6-Defiance-The Fault
7-Iron Maiden-Sun And Steel
9-Grave Descent-Executioner Of Man
10-Baphomet-The Mist
11-Blast-Abortion Saved My Sex Life(Live)
12-Mentors-My Woman From Sodom
13-The Meatmen-Tooling For Anus
14-Dayglo Abortions-My Mother Was A Man
15-Scatterbrain-Im With Stupid
16-Fuck...Im Dead-Shotgun Facelift
17-O.L.D.-Die In Your Beauty Sleep
18-Total Fucking Destruction-Fuckwound
19-Leviathan-Violent Slaughter
20-Psylensol-Purgatory(The Wait)
21-These Words Are Wisdom-Hot Plate
22-Imposer-Extermination Hail
23-Gates Of Babylon-96 Miles To Freedom
24-Chikinfist-PC Load Letter
-ABDICATE Albumside of the Week-"Forged In Ruin"-
25-Godless Vengeance
26-Relinquish The Throne
27-Beckoning Death
28-Argument Of Kings