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Oct 30, 2009

All Hallows Eve again, the Ghouls are out on Beggar's Night looking for early handouts...I got your beggar's night, right here! We'll "Open The Casket" a few times for some true old school metal, as well as "Bridging The Gap" to CA, AZ, Portugal and Brazil. Metal News, some not so good, have you seen Morgan?...(see our flyer on the myspace page) Here's a list of Malcontents and Nardowells that will be setting flaming bags of dog crap on your porch this year:

1-Piledriver-Witch Hunt
2-Baphomet-The Wraith
3-22Red-Pumkin Patch
5-Amphetamine Army-Hatchet In Your Skull
6-Blood Feast-Vampire
7-Heredity Unknown-Candy
8-Spung Corpses-Halloween Underground
9-The Aplogies-Zombie Stomp
10-Armcannon-Power Rangers
11-Nuclear Beach Party-Amazon Pool Party
12-Mayhemisis-Crunchy Frog/Brain Song
13-Skin Bound-Witch Hunt
14-Arsenic-The Mask
15-Laceration-Shadows of Existence
16-Fantasy Opus-Mystic Messenger
17-Oitao-Imagem Da Besta
18-Frankenshred-The Haunting
19-Where She Wept-(Track7 Live at The Evening Star092509)
20-The Gammas-Blood Stains
21-Brain Car-Spiders
22-Steel Kingdom-Fortune Teller
23-One Way Terror-Satisfied
24-Morbid Angel-(Classic Albumside Mosh 11)-Immortal Rites
25-  "      "  -Suffocation
26-  "      "  -Visions from the Dark Side