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Oct 16, 2009

Nothing special this week, Metal News is light to non-existent...I just sat back and let the show run itself. Metally Goodness fortified auditory fiber to clean out your earholes. Truly a less talk, more metal week. I don't forsee any complaints...We "Bridge The Gap" this week to Brazil, Japan, Denmark globally as well as AZ and WA Nationaly. Here's a checklist of cutthroats and miscreants that helped bring you the best of WNY and The World!!!

1-Off-When Pigs Squeal
2-Abdicate-Godless Vengeance
3-Chaos Legion-creatures
4-Symptom Haywire-Demise
5-The Age Of Plagues-Endless Oblivion
6-Sounds Of Goodbye-The Forthcoming
7-Murder The Witness-Call It Off
8-Liquid Violence-Falling Down Drunk Again
9-Kingdom Denied-Dope Whore
11-Strong Like A Bomb-Instinto Extinto
12-Frankenshred-In For The Kill
13-Crocodile Skink-Revolution
14-Bonus Plus-I'm A Birthday Cake
15-Beers Metal-Beligerent Airport Drunk
16-Blud Wulf-D.U.M.E.(Death Unto Mine Enemies)
17-Darkling-Path Of Blood
18-Hubris-Void Callers Litany
19-Jimiraz-Heavy Metal
20-Low Road Revival-Ruined Mans Hymn(LiveatMohawkPlace2006)
21-The Insurgence-Don't Give Up The Fight
22-Manticora-Dead End Solution
23-Devil Got Five-This Is Now
24-Seize The Soul-By The Hands Of Man
25-  "    "   "  -Embrace The Darkness
26-  "    "   "  -Torture To Believe