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Sep 25, 2009

This weeks Metal Inquisition is a special Pre-Game show for the Death In The Falls Show tonight at The Evening Star. What better way to get pumped than crank out the bands that will be playing? about the return of the "Head2Head Battle"...Too Much you say?...just getting started! We pilot a new concept this week with an experiment called "The Worlds Most Offensive Set", where we try to piss off everybody, worldwide, no one is safe.(Small Children, Pregnant Mothers and folks with Pacemakers should avoid contact with this round...) We'll "Open The Casket" several times including a block of some of the best bands that played WNY in the past. Metal News, a handfull of premiers and a special Old School Albumside from Russian Steal...yes THAT Russian Steal!!!Yeash...

1-Hellcannon-Sacrifice by Fire
2-Where She Wept-God Am
3-Vile Vindiction-Your Honor
4-Axe Of Death-Minimart Motherfucker
5-Dead To The World-Clouds Below
6-The Mentors-Stripper Polls
7-Reverend Kill-The Splatter That Matters
8-Anal Cunt-I Lit Your Baby On Fire
9-Decrepitaph-Unholy Crucifixtion
10-Dayglo Abortions-Hide The Hampster
11-The Meatmen-Blowjobs Aint Cheatin'
12-Canto V-Lucifers Machinist
13-Fledgling Death-Devil's Alcohol
14-Affront The Riot-Hot Rod To Hell
15-Avulsion-Stakes On The Table
16     "   -Alpha Omega
18-The Real Rulers-Distant Sanity
19-Baphomet-Pull The Trigger
20-Childish Intent-Metalbabe
21-Beyond Death-Kill It Slowly(Reh88)
22-Russian Steal-Cracks In Our Sanity
23-   "      "  -Death By Jack
24-   "      "  -Resist
25-   "      "  -Death Distrust Dishonor

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