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Feb 19, 2009

Everybody loves leftovers, so this week on the Metal Inquisition we break out the leftovers from the 2nd annual St.Valentines Massacre we did last week. A Head2Head Battle featuring Kennedy Carpool VS. Medicated Silence, who will own Lockport this night?...(cast those votes!!!) A Premier, a "Balls to the Wall" track and Metal News from both far and wide...we opened the casket several times dusting off the old school thrashers for the enjoyment of one and all!!!We even manage to send out a dedication to the families of those who lost loved ones in the horrific plane crash in Clarence. Here's a list of cads and ruffians who were voted most likely to acquire a Stapp Infection over the holiday weekend:

1-Murder The Witness-St. Valentines Day Recital
2-Black Summer Suicide-Inside You
3-Pungent Stench-Dead Body Love
4-Loss For Words-Some Things Never Change
5-Sakes Alive!-Our Mistress The Sea
6-Product Of Hostility-Definition Of Time
7-A.12 Gauge Tragedy-Lacerations
8-Fudge Tunnel-Good Kicking
9-Kennedy Carpool-Confessions
10-Medicated Silence-Godfrey
12-Bongzilla-Sacred Smoke
13-Deforestation-Violent Deforestation
14-Soul Release-Black Box
15-Rabid-War Machine
16-Mystery Track(Tune in to find out!)