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May 30, 2015

Noah Gokey welcomes musical guests Harvey Brice and Embalmed for in studio jam sessions and a journey into the darkest recesses of the mind.

Harvey Brice – aka Harvey Moon – is a British singer-songwriter living in Buffalo, New York.

He started writing songs and poems at age 6 – moving to Bournemouth in his teens where he became part of the local alternative/punk scene, performing in numerous bands where he was recognized as one of the areas top song-writing talents

In 2002 Harvey moved to New York City where he began collaborating with US artists and producers including Darren Wilsey, Johathan Mover, Ron Allaire, Mark Rufino and Jeffrey Brayne. During this time he recorded two EPs, Still Bard and Brown-eyed Girl, both available for download on I-tunes.

Harvey has written and co-written over 100 songs all with catchy hooks, strong harmonies and melodies but always with an alternative lyrical twist much in the same vane as Nick Cave, REM and the Smiths.

In 2011 Harvey released a collection of songs about leaving the UK and making a new life in the US entitled By Each River, as well as continuing to collaborate with Mark Rufino and Jeffrey Brayne as band Shutterwax.

After a 5 year hiatus, in 2011 Harvey Brice has started performing again in the Buffalo area. Including solo and band gigs with the newly formed Unbroken check out Shutterwax and The UNbroken to follow all of Harvey's musical activities.

Embalmed started as a Buffalo, New York garage band in late 1986. By 1988 Embalmed had formed into the current lineup and started to use the band name, Embalmed started to gain local notoriety for several light hearted metal songs like Spider Goulash Mosh, Juan Valdez and Dead Girls (Don't Say No). Eventually the band evolved writing serious local favorites such as Shortcut to Death, Bury the Cross and Beginning of the End / Vigilante. The band was also known for the pit moving Imperial Death Mosh. Embalmed was evolving and writing new, more mature material, such as the never before heard song Prisoner of Silence when they started to change members and eventually disband by 1990. In 2010 the band got back together to re-record the above mentioned songs and write many new songs for a CD titled Rebirth. The new songs were written in the style of the original Embalmed Sound as it was in 1990. The new songs include the Title track instrumental intro Rebirth, the dark and disturbing Mourning, the powerful and epic song The Dark Season and the sorrowful outro instrumental Ruination just to name a few. The band also has teamed up with a couple of powerhouse guest vocalists for the songs Dumb Love Limp with Jim Osieja of Jester Heights and Amnesty Box fame, Buffalo Bill Angst of War Prayer and R.U.L.E. fame for the track Pray for the Dead and Dennis Glinski of Grave Descent, Mayhemesis and Tirant Sin fame for the track Beginning of the End / Vigilante.