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Aug 25, 2010


This show was supposed to originally air the day it's dated for, on occasion mistakes happen, Allwnyradio would like to apologize to Speedy Parker Blues Band for the delay. As we are all volunteers, there's no one to fire. We will however strive to better ourselves, gaining humility and maturity from the experience.

This week Clyborn returns from his hiatus, dragging the coconut radar dish to the extreme environment of the Yukon Territory(Mush...Mush...) in the Great White North. His first visit to Canada proves to be an experience that can only be described as interesting. Fear Factor cuisine, Dog Sled Drag Races and Shrinkage from the Hot Springs are just a few of the delights awaiting you. An interview with Speedy Parker from the Speedy Parker Blues band is sure to captivate with his stories and music. Local flavor from The Bravuras, Mr. Conrad and Gretchen Shultz. Need I mention Natalie?...sweet sweet Natalie, please come back to us in WNY...

over nine years ago

Speedy Parker Blues Band ROCKS the blues !!!
I loved \"Mind to Travel\"
Great interview.