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Jun 24, 2010

The "C" Man flies solo this week from his bungalo on the far left coast. Sylvia is absent again, no doubt busy doubling as a Silversmith/Lobbyist for Coffee Girls for Congressman.(I'll have a double double of corruption) When it rains it storms, even in S.F.  Lack of an interview leaves room for more music and tomfoolaree...Movie of the week is a bitch, bet accordingly, Blues News will leave you saying "wha?", Oldies Segment and even Canadien Quiz appear in the lineup this week. Local music from The Children, Talas, The Headers, The Mick Hayes Band and more including our precious Natalie...

Diane Dorato
nine and a half years ago

I LOVE that intro. And either I love WNY music or Clyborn has excellent taste in music.
I think both.
Enjoyed the blues news. Some trouble with the sound, especially during the oldies segment, but all in all - Great Show, Clyborn! You don\'t need anybody to help you pull off an hour of music and entertainment.

Kindest Regards,
Bruce ;)