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Feb 24, 2012

To say Clyborn and Chloe were welly lubed out of the gate this week, would be the polite way to say it. Bora Bora will never be the same, an open bar, aquarium table top and a coconut radar dish on stilts to start. Join the insanity for equator greens, lagoon poon, snorkel chortling, scuba driving, circling sharks and a Movie of the Week they obviously snatched from the inflight entertainment. You'll recognize it, maybe, even if you do, you'll never remember the name, no one does. Bet accordingly.

A recap of the now infamous, Jack Civeletto interview. Bluesman, Guitarist and Crooner can all be used to describe this goodfella', tipple a few and enjoy a sit down with WNY's top Sinatra tribute artist.

Additional auditory enlightenment provided by Bobby Lebel, Mick Hayes Band, The Road and more including the angelic voice of Mrs. Merchant.