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Mar 24, 2011

The World Tour continues this week, Clyborn and Yolanda simulcast universal through a prototype Krebstar 8500 Sat Link. Translation, takes more quarters, transmits to the cosmos. The Red Island welcomes your hosts most graciously, Madagascar, Madagascar at last. A zeeboo ate this weeks movie, but after such a long flight, it mattered little. Island beer, Easy Puta, rude calls and Yolanda tells one and all, It's ok.

An interview with a band that has been called intergalactic, ambient and a few other things we won't mention in the forward, Barry DiGregorio and John Martini from New Wilderness join the C-Man for an interview that will leave you unsatiated and looking for more, thus part 1 of 2. Sharing stories of the road, first instruments and theories way too heavy to describe here, it's a sit down that you won't want to miss.

Local music from The Headers, The Bravuras, Bass Reeves(w/Frank Grizanti) and more...