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Nov 26, 2010

Join Clyborn and his baby bro Corken(of Lionhead fame.), for this holiday spectacular, The Clyborn Yates Thanksgiving Special. This week we find the Yates Brothers at Lazy Lakes, a ritzy private campground. Sample the "Easy Jesus" brandy, the "Batavia Backyard Boogie" and a little of everything you'd expect on the table, only, deepfried.(Yes, even the mashed potatos) At least one of the 15 Chefs and Servers on hand is a trained EMP so do indulge...(deep fried slidewhistle?...) An old Yankees game or the Lions doing their yearly gobble...who knows.

A very special interview with a man who has been bellowing vocals since Detroit started making muscle cars, a BMHOF inductee from the class of 1990, the back beat and vocalist for BMHOF inducted band The Party Squad, the, Mark Dixon. Listen to his stories of a humble begining looking through the glass as a teen, which led to his prominency here in WNY. Also a ground breaking exclusive story, never before heard in the world of audio, if your a Boston fan, this one will invert your turkey on the vertical roaster.

Some of the regular bits like Blues News and Movie of the Week were lost in the hike up the 358 stairs to the cabin...however, Clyborn uses local music as a ploy to distract you from the obvious, bands like Harvey and the Hurricanes, The Bravuras, Tommy and the Two Tones and Flipside seem to do the trick.

From the cast of The Clyborn yates Show, the producer and the AWNYR Family, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.