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Oct 29, 2010

This episode proudly brought to you by our seasonal sponser, Blammo, Candy Grenades. An explosion of flavor. Clyborn and Yolanda set up the coconut radar dish and a huge tent within a stones throw of the infamous Plasticbone Studios. Due to several policies yet to be broken, security denied them access to the mothership, onto picking up quarters for the coinslot in the portable.(with no hands...)

Local music showcasing Flying Blind Blues Band, Mick Hayes Band, Flipside, A List and more...An interview with a man who has entertained fans for over four decades, vocalist, musician and blue-chipper for the BMHOF, Tom Gariano. From rubbing shoulders with The Police, to taunting nuns and nearly witnessing the Rick Ocasek black eye scenario, Tommy G takes us all on a journey to enlightenment. Movie of the week(I wouldn't bet the dogs breakfast on this one...), Oldies Trivia and a Monty Python Moment.