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Sep 9, 2012

Join Clyborn and Chloe at the Outlands Festival in SF, just blocks from Uncle's bungalo. Groupies, gropies, hoties, noties, booze, bickering, slidewhistle galor,Darwin Awards, rude calls, Blues News(Redneck Lycanthropes and Soupy Clairvoyance), hoppy beer, Chloe's Question of the Week, moderation...yeah right, (this space reserved for Movie of the Week...thanks TSA, as if confiscating "Smuggling Grapes 4" is going to somehow fight an anologism.

WNY's finest featuring; The Mick Hayes Band, Train w/o Tracks, Sicsin, Dive House Union, Ayurveda, The Wynne Band and 10,000 patron saints.