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Aug 17, 2012

Clyborn and Chloe return from a well deserved vacation in Hawaii, back to the far left coast, to close bars and roll cigars. Booze aplenty, rude callers, brain-farts, a Corkhead cameo with Senior High, medicinal whatnots, dipsomania, Ebonics, Question of the day, a fake ending, Thumb's picks and a Movie of the week that begs the question, Why?

A replay of the Prisilla Gregbaum from the "Blonde Bitches". If you missed it the first time(Chloe...), put up your dawgs, spike the Powerade and hang on, it's a wild ride with this Guitarist/Vocalist/Pianist.

Auditory goodness from Bass reeves, Bobby Lebel, Mick Hayes and the Reinhardts and the resident patron Saint Natalie.