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May 18, 2012

Clyborn and Chloe return to the web waves from the vast Yates Estate in "the falls". Welly lubed from the get go, the grusome twosome stumble through Blues News and Darwin Awards.(aka stupid Emails from Mom) Movie of the week is postponed to fit in the crux of the bisquit that is the centerpiece of this episode.

Walk the dog, feed the cat and turn your phone ringer volumes to 0, CY welcomes to his studio, two brothers that changed the face of blues and rock and roll much for the better with their ability to captivate audiences with their energy and musicianship. Unfortunately, Edgar and Johnny couldn't be in WNY during the taping of the show, in their stead, the equally mesmerizing Mombrea Brothers, Joe and Dave, with their friend and bandmate Jeremy. An interview, live performance and gratuitious indecipherable mumblings included herin.

Local goodness from Frank Grizanti Band, The Bravuras, Train Without Tracks(with special guest*) and the sweet siren song of Mrs. Merchant.