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May 28, 2010

To All You Skotch Sippers and Well Wishers,

The Sippin Skotch Program turns 25 today! On the 25th of May none-the-less, coincidence? I think not. Karl Jung theorized about something he called Synchronicity; where two unrelated things happen to create some kind of emotional or physical connection in the mind of the observer, take for instance how Dark Side pairs up with The Wizard of Oz, or how you'll one day glance at a picture while listening to the radio and the voice on the radio will speak the words on the picture, (it's a one in a million shot but it could happen!).

Tonight we won't be playing any of Synchronicity or Synchronicity II by the Police, instead we are going to have one of the freshest groups in Niagara Falls on the program, the ones, the onlys, Scrambled Eggs. They are a veritable super-group made up of members from Tre, Brick Savage, the Funq, and Host Echo, with two drummers, that's right, TWO DRUMMERS!, and a whole mess of talent.

We are gonna be joined in studio by Jon, Matt, and Eric, they will be answering your questions, taking your requests, keeping their receipt, checking their coats at the door, doing Michelob's, listening to DMX, falling into a bottomless pit, leaving their mark on the Ark Wall, and talking about how now that Lost is over we can all sleep peacefully knowing that... who am I kidding, I never watched the show, I don't know anything about it, well, I know there was a fat guy, and a couple girls, and that it had a non-linear plot line... anywho...

Stay Sippin,

Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
the Professor Charles Louis