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Mar 25, 2010

Yowza Yowza Yowza,

  What a delight this week's show was, the memories still are burned into the
back of my mind. It was a big week in the news, what with the upsets in the
Madness of March, and the Passing/Un-passing of this health-care-reform
mumbo-jumbo (it's all rhetoric, and recycled plans written on parchment
paper.) Anyways, seeing as this health-care is available we felt it was
finally safe to invite Kessler's back into the studio with us (the
Ambassador is in an international hospital right now because of  the damage
done to his liver, he'll be fine though, he always pulls through).  

  Joining us in the studio were the Honorable Chet Chasley, and Dirty D (now
Dirty D Jones). Using the power vested in him by the sea, Noah married Dirty
D and I, we being the second pair of wedded people floating on this
big-beautiful-ark. (The Dowry that I'm gonna get from her parents will
definitely be able to pay for the extravaganza that next week's show is gonna
bring).  Jim from the Whiskey Reverb called in, we got a fine interview from
him, we talked to some people on the ol' Skype, were found shouting
Mad-Mardigan (and all other variations) when we wanted to take a drink,
there were Michelobs, Reuben Pizza, illicit indescrepencies, and a whole lot
of love.

 Next week will be the birthday celebration of Cornelius the Human, he is
gonna be 26 years old, or 26 in Human years. Next week the Phoenix should be
joining us, we will be promoting the up-coming fundraiser. So be sure to join

Stay Sippin',

Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador