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Feb 25, 2010

Yowza Yowza Yowza,

What a show, what a show. Not only were there 3 live performances by Nick Lucido and Crew, but we introduce two new characters to the show, 1930s traveling salesmen Dr Taglet Magullicuddy and Allistor Sweetandlow, selling all of you cure-all-tonic needs. Gotta thumb growing out the center of your face? We gotta tonic for that, all it is is wool, processed cheese, and a piece of a broken heart...

We had a lot of big events coming up this weekend that we needed to talk about, and we did. The Whiskey was smooth as silk, the Michelobs were brand new, Christopher Lloyd was making drinks for everyone, the secret word was flux capacitor, Cornelius was the Human, Dirty D called in, as well as the Prince of Niagara Falls.

Be sure to check out the other shows on this fine all wny network, go to, but you already know that.

Stay Sippin',
Skat Jones
Cornelious the Human
the Ambassador