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Oct 30, 2010

To All You Skotch Sippers and Well Wishers,

The state of free speech in this country comes under-attack as another tuesday night in america comes upon afraid of what the big money machine is trying to do to your lives; trying to run it like a 14k at the bottom of the you sit at home drinking coffee and smoking your over-taxed cigarettes, contemplating clicking on some sort of pop-up ad that would take your computer to a place as festered with viruses as a bathhouse in a seedy part of Cortland, take a deep breath, try to compose yourself and realize that this is all just a farce...

It's election time and you know what that means.....we're all running for office again...the skatman is running on the democratic ballot, the human on the James Taylor ballot, the Professor on the 'I'm not as bad as the other guy' ballot, and the buff one on the 'get up and do some squats ballot... we've spent all of our money on campaign-ads and have to now clip-coupons while we whore ourselves out to our constituents, giving HJ's, BJ's, and all other sorts of J's and B's, lowering our self-esteem, our self-worth, and our sperm-counts....

Tonight has the makings of another fine program, chalked full of zany antics, prime-time-penetrations, lusty-leviathans-licking-lollipops, terribly-tied-trousers, and smoking-guns-so-gracious that we are all beside ourselves with joy and elevation that it is getting harder to tell the difference between the ground and the clouds. Join us tonight as we are joined, not only by the usual cast of characters but Pagadino-Parkway comes back as our anchor in the sea of tranquility, keeping us steadfast in the midst of a terrible storm.

There is a new show on the allwnyradio network, it is so far without a name, but names are not as important as content....and this show has a veritable ass-load of content which makes me laugh and gives me hope of a brighter tomorrow... look out for it, the skatman was on the show last night, shameless self-promotion and all sorts of crazy business was going on...

Stay Sippin',
Skat Jones
Cornelius the Human
the Ambassador
the Professor Charles Louis
Buff the Magic Dragon
Guenevere frilly titty lace
Dr Capt Jen Bringing it Hard McMurdock