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Sep 24, 2009

This week we've got Jim Crean with us all night, together with the usual  healthy dose of pure chaos and insanity.  Good times are had by all, except those eaten by coyotes.

Noah's Band of the Week - Jim Crean, a longtime rocker who loves Buffalo and the WNY music scene, as do we.  He joins us and we discuss many different elements within that and his career.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Elmira, NY, the Return.  That's right, this week we come back to learn of the big Elvira/Elmira split and sample Iron Core, Skipp Dawg, and many more.

Stapp is horrible and very painful this week, with the news that the Mamas and the Papas founder John know.  Yikes.  The Reverend has the Weather, Thumb has the WOW Minute, and Dr. Phil drops in to plug some books.