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Sep 17, 2009

Rage on the Stage is nearly upon us, so we take it upon ourselves to sample one of the bands.  Of course we discuss the Buffalo heartache of late, along with the orphans, squishy priests, rogue tank huggers, and supporting your local flag carrier.

Noah's Band of the Week - If Paige Wins, an ambient but powerful rock band based in Buffalo, NY, and one of the competitors at Rage on the Stage.  We talk with Lauren and Michelle about their origins and evolution.  And being naked.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Elmira, formerly Newtown, as Mr. History explains in gory puss detail.  We sample A Rebours, Skoober, and T-RE, along with Filth Chamber, from which we are joined by drummer Nick Rich, and finally Mario "Jig" Williams, who also joins the show to discuss the scene and his history.

In Stapp, the winner is obvious as Kanye out douches everyone, the Reverend's got the Weather, Thumb's got the Warcraft itch, and Buddy and Smokey somehow hijack the show.