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Jul 2, 2009

This week we are all over MJ, with numerous flushings, along with the EXCLUSIVE interview with Tom from the Apologies detailing wha happen and of course, Richard Simmons' workout plan.

Noah's Band of the Week - Wild Root String Band, a killer folky bluegrass band from Rochester, with a steaming pile of Great Big Taters for your sampling flavor loveliness.

The Stapp Infection - Can there be any other way?  It's all MJ baby.  We haul out the dirty greasy statue and melt it down, Ark style, covering all horrific aspects of the man's legacy.

Crazy Band from Crazy Towns - Blasdell, NY, home to Falling Into Place, Summur Reign Revolution, Type Relevant, and more melt your face good bands.  Dig it.

All this and more this week with our celebration of Canada Day, sendoff of Billy Mays, and of course, our introduction to the show of the Brain.  Pure gold, ladies and gentlemen, pure gold.  Tune in.