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Feb 19, 2009

These days you have to watch out for the have to watch your back America.  With that in mind, we proudly announce our special new sponsor Gazprom Wonderful!  With Billie Mays, they will take over the multiverse.

Noah's Band of the Week - ...shot me a mallard, a,, well...they are a band.  A pretty dam good one at that, and their music is quite unique and dare we say, innovative.  All except that final track.  We're not sure what happened there.

The Stapp Infection - It itches, it burns, you know the drill.  Chris Brown is denyin', Ronettes are dyin', and 2009 is going to be tryin'.  Another reunion is apparently in the works, making this the year of the Unholy Reunions.

Crazy Band from Crazy Towns - After finally lifting our anchor from the sweet and gentle Bay of Ithaca, we make our way sadly to Waterloo.  Mr. History is highly confused, but we find some cool tunes with A Morning Funeral, A Man Undone, D3VEU$, and the pendulous Pendulum Effect.

Sling Blade Carl delivers his weekly Movie Review, Walken steps in to replace Falwell with the Weather Report (hopefully permanently), and Santiago even rears his ugly head this week on the show.