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Nov 21, 2008


The Reign of Dudley having arrived, it made sense this week to feature The Reign of Kindo.  But there are always surprises.  And sometimes, there are voicemails involving some of the thousands of highly paid actors aboard the, Ark.  Chaos ensues.

Noah's Band of the Week - The Reign of Kindo, an indie and pop band from Buffalo, just back from a grueling tour of 55 dates all across the US of A.  Bassist and backup vocalist Jeff Jarvis joins the show to discuss the complexities of touring and life.

Crazy Band from Crazy Towns - Elma, NY is the home to so many great bands we had to stop by for a second week.  We are treated to some live Dave Constantino Band, along with Marti Monti and Done Deal.  All in all, Elma was a great stop...except that we did learn a frightening version of the town and village's past...from the authority Mr. History.

The Stapp Infection - Michael Jackson is off scamming sheiks out of millions of dollars.  We invite MJ aboard to explain himself.

All this and more THIS WEEK ON NOAH'S ARK!!!  We have Jerry Falwell with the Weather Report, Sling Blade Carl with the Movie Review, and much more.

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