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Nov 14, 2008

So, there was this idea to do a split show with Josh Smith, host of "The Way Up" on, a while back.  Unfortunately we determined that it would be too difficult to transport our thousands of writers and technicians to a remote studio without more planning.  So to open the show, Josh Smith calls Noah and Thumb, apparently in denial about the refusal to do his show.  He wasn't too happy and ended up irate when he discovered we have some special new hot keys.

Noah's Band of the Week - Controlin Death.  This band has inspired, horrified and shocked us ever since we ventured to the crazy town Hilton. (Note: The Noah's Ark Program does not endorse or share any of the views expressed by this band.  In fact we probably should've listened to it all the way through before playing it.)

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - In Elma, NY, there are strange goblins of all sorts, from Elvis impersonators to polka to straight up rock.  We sample a few of them and vow to return for more next week.

The Stapp Infection - A tour of love emerges again, death is flushed, people are sued.  All in all it itches.  And it burns.  And the Creed reunion rumors are getting loud.

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