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Oct 24, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen it is getting cold here in WNY.  What other excuse could there be for doing multiple shots when you are about to host a radio show?  Hmmm...well Noah remembers some parts of this show, and thank goodness the rest is here, for the record.  Enjoy.

Noah's Band of the Week - Sleeping Giant and the Word of the Day, a killer jam/dub/reggae band from the Rochester area with a mission to enlighten and empower the masses with their own collective energy.  Aaron from SG joins the show to discuss the energy, the music, and many other interesting topics, like yelling obscenities at old people and getting to third base with a first cousin.

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - Fulton, NY, home to some great bands and the Fulton Knifeworks, which Mr. History was very excited to illuminate for us the years and years of testing that took place there...on the immigrants...and their the cycle of pain.

We had all this fun and much more including, but not limited to, the Weather with Jerry Falwell, Buddy Nuggs and his new buddy Smokey, and a very special appearance from Senator John McCain.