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Sep 26, 2008

We've gone to a numbering system.  After all, we are professionals, folks.  This is Noah's Ark episode number 43.  Don't be confused like we are.

Noah's Band of the Week - Son of the Sun, a killer band from the Niagara Falls area who graced us not only with one great interview, but also with an amazing, live, in studio performance.  Check these guys out at  And buy the 7" EP, available now!

Crazy Bands from Crazy Towns - This week we travel to Newark.  No, not Jersey.  The Newark of York, Western and New, that is.  Mr. History joins the show to explain how these two states were violently separated, and we enjoy many cool bands who survived the onslaught of hot lead poured in the children's eyes.  Just listen, you'll understand...

The Scott Stapp Infection - It's a rapid fire and devilishly itchy take on this week's headlines, from DMX (again) to Clay Aiken (big surprise) and Earl Palmer (flush).  You don't know Earl Palmer?  Oh you will.  No mention of Britney or Amy Winehouse, can you believe it???

Also climbing aboard this week, Jerry Falwell with the weather, Buddy Nuggs with his patented "If I can't remember it, you must acquit" defense, and much more insanity, hilarity, and chaotic meltdowns of all your favorite friends, here on the All WNY Radio podcast network.