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May 20, 2014

This week the Ark crew, Noah, Jorge, Kyle2, and a very excited De-NYCE!, welcome Steve Balesteri, pop and R&B singer, songwriter, and virtuoso. De-NYCE! reveals that she has killed millions, while Noah reveals that his mustache does indeed save the flavor - so you can savor later! And that he would have sex with Val Kilmer (Tombstone era).

Steve talked about his musical background and training Back to the Future style, starting with present time and deeper into the past, from Buffalo Chips a capella to Sinatra and Bocelli, his busy performing schedule including the Acoustic Happy Hour, and journey to the studio with his unique blend of R&B pop that pulled together an incredible collaboration of musicians, local and from around the country.

We sampled Steve's tunes "Drowning" and "Would You Find Me" before he regaled the crew with an incredible acoustic performance, including a tight rendition of Marvin Gaye. Steve brought a nick knack for the crew of a Kermit mug - exposing his Muppet love. In Stapp, we began with an impromptu Donald Sterling reenactment, to Take That running from the taxman, Solange beating Jay Z, and speed Stapp with Joan Jett, Clay Aiken, and Casey Kasem.