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May 20, 2014

Band of the Week Moments End joins the Ark crew, Noah and Joe with a rare throwback appearance by Tredd Lemon, to discuss their musical background, past shows which include a shared stage with Noah mere weeks ago, random factoids, state capitals, and the band's transition from live gigs to the studio.

We jammed out the band's new single As Day Breaks, reminisced about high school encounters with our own former cohost Barbarossa, driving through the country to get to shows, and the explosive revelation of Bubba's true demented ambitions and feelings for Forrest.

In Stapp, we learned about the Colorado Symphony Orchestra teaming up with weed, Danzig's lawsuit, Wu Tang selling one copy of their new album now with Cher, and Rob Ford's improbably Bieber run in ("Did you bring some crack?"). The team got a surprise call from Philly B from Surrender Reality who remembered his time on the Ark, peeing in the corner.