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May 16, 2014

This week Noah and Jorge welcome Katie Ann, singer, songwriter and exemplary musician, and her partner MC Zill, positive education focused rapper. Joe's excessive bragging about his great health resulted in an absence for sickness, while the crew explained the origins and applications of the term "-ish" (e.g. as in the time the show starts, which is flexible), and the greatest things on Earth, including yellow cake uranium, Styrofoam noodles, and late night eating.

Katie Ann shared her background from student of piano to teacher amidst her origins in California where she initially avoided a career in music, but would up selling tracks to Dr. Dre that appeared on the D12 song "American Psycho", and then grew into a complex musical career creating music spanning hip hop to pop. Katie landed in Buffalo and relished the chance to make original music her way through a dynamic recording process resulting in her all new album "The Ride" and single "Strong Am I", featuring MC Zill that we debut on the show. Katie also played through several new songs live in studio, displaying a quiet but powerful virtuosity.

MC Zill is a rapper with a positive message - focused on education and delivering rhymed math lessons - and in a wide ranging discussion talked everything from the Common Core to working with inner city youth. MC Zill then dropped some amazing hardcore math freestyle.


In the Stapp Infection Noah and Jorge talked about the epic Paul Simon / Edie Brickell showdown, the Queensryche split, Dubai Jail, TI and the Game going all Thelma and Louise on your asses, and Kurt Cobain's interesting final note on Courtney Love.