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Apr 29, 2014

Queen City Catastrophe joins the Ark in studio for some great discussion and then an epic in studio jam. After touching on Joe's (hopefully not) imminent departure from the show and ad sales strategies, QCC described the band's reverse-Fleetwood-Mac style formation, talked about finding their musical identity through the travails they've endured and the EP process that resulted in a quickly written set of songs that are however well developed and layered with texture.

Joe (T not C) from Florida called to make some cool connections and recap his epic journal from the Dragon Room down the coast. And from there it was an incredible six song jam from QCC as Noah continued to somehow convince them to stay, even though they had to leave (Noah pulled out his go to move - absinthe). The band threw down Reaction, To the Ground, Field of Crimes, Wake, Catalyst, and Nectar, a moving song with a positive message.

It was a slow Stapp news week but Just Jen called in to register a complaint (which was immediately rectified), putting Joe on camera just in time to finish out the week's news, Prince and Purple Rain, Jay Z and a reptilian conspiracy, and the winner of the Stapp Infection, Aretha Franklin, for her total out of touch confusion.