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Mar 3, 2014

The All WNY Radio Broadcast studio officially relocated to the penthouse this week, and broke that wondrous cherry by welcoming local rockers Dark Eyes 55 to the studio to support Aaron Anson's successful run for Mayor of Lockport on the Pothole ticket. Jorge came out in favor of porn and threw all of his support behind the issue in public service announcement form. In the interests of experimentation, the crew created another legendary, psychotic, drug induced loop song. We randomly called a few of the bands fans, gave equal time to Aaron's only opponent of note, Chaz Whitbourne of the More Potholes Party, who unfortunately we were unable to reach via phone. We explored eating roast beef in strip clubs and temporary migrant labor. Jorge and Noah drank a lot of horrible strawberry moonshine and relived the death of Tristan the cat, who once gouged guests Aqueous while in studio.

Drew filled in some R&B vocals while Aaron explained his love for black bean soup and alligator foot key chains, and his hate for cats and certain ethnic groups. Noah did his best to have anyone hang out with him on Google, while failing to understand what that means, and Drew helped out by offering some inspirational advice. We talked Stapp while Noah ate a horrific, moonshine soaked strawberry.