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Mar 3, 2014

The party line episode.

This week, Joe and Noah performed a rare duet on the show. After recoiling from the unexpected loss in the super big game and preparing to fulfill all lost bets, the pair reveled in the amazing Radio Shack commercial. Noah described a powerful new power cleanse, and worked through some issues, technical and emotional. We sampled some tunes from Big Tree Road and reminisced about their epic visit to the studio.

And then the epic party line bit began, somewhat by accident and from a misunderstanding of what exactly a party line is. Noah then called various party lines – in English, in Spanish, as a male, as a female, as Maria, as a cheerleader with a very deep voice, and eventually the crew learned just how disgusting these party lines really are. Noah and Joe agreed this was the most ridiculous and best bit ever performed on the Ark, although they were unable to connect with any lonely souls.