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Mar 3, 2014

On this blustery cold day, Joe nearly had to crawl inside of Jorge to save his life, a la Star Wars, en route to the Ark, while Noah refused to expose any skin and Joe's eyeballs froze over. As part of our relocating around the studio, we focused on Jorge's front running status as he wore his Marshawn Lynch jersey and replayed the infamous Richard Sherman comments. Well...we gave it a shot. It took some time but we broke it down to a very, very granular level, and we're still frightened.

Joe lost a major playoff bet and was forced to do various voices during the show, including Abraham Lincoln, Scooby Do, and of course Richard Sherman. We discussed the upcoming Tool tour and it's lack of any east coast dates, and created some monster bowl of super bets. Noah recapped the greatest week of his life by recommending, again, that everyone stop wearing underwear. We sampled some tunes from Sleepless City, and brought on The Stapp Infection Championship Season with stories about Renee Fleming, Pussy Riot, the Grammies, and many more. We then relived the epic Orangina episode, as told by Barney Rubble. We ended the show with some discussion of trademark law and epic rap battles from history.