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Mar 3, 2014

This week on the Ark we were joined by the great Drew from The Long Cold Dark. Of course Lebowski quotes ran rampant as we discovered Jorge and Drew were about to team up to support the Government debut – the metal show of the year. We discussed the perils of crowd surfing and many other near death experiences at metal shows. Joe and Drew's mutual love of the Simpsons and wresting resulted in their becoming best friends (forever) and our immediate realization that Drew is one of us. As it was Joe's birthday, we invented and sang a new (non copyrighted) birthday song called “Happy Flirfday”. We sang the praises of venerable local boutique and venue Filigrees, and talked music of all shapes and sizes, but mainly Metallica. Tommy Loop joined the show to talk sports and regaled us with his infamous Marty Biron story, which led us to more discussion of Sabre miseries. Final thoughts? Pussy. Boobs. Balls. Navel. Navel?