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Aug 29, 2010

Let Metal Inquisition hit you in the face with a blood caked shovel, why?...because we're digging up the best metal for you weekly, except no imitations. Lots of local flavor this week, a special Head2Head battle between two mystery artists.(Hint;they're both Thumblegs) A Balls To The Wall track and a very special Butchered Records Artist Spotlight Block to close the night. Here's a list of Metal freaks that agree, when Curly left the 3 Stooges, it was curtains.

1-Dragonwind-To The Leaders Of Man
2-Mass Casualty-Doomsday Smash
3-Ones Own Blood-Divided By Dividends
4-Mortalum-Ninth Gate
5-Bucket Of Ducks-Song 2
7-If Hope Dies-Fear Will Keep Them In Line
8-Billy Mayes War Machine-Rebirth Of Cleansing
9-Kung Fu Jesus-Lock Out
---Super Special Mystery Head2Head Battle---
12-Thoughts Lost-Enduring The Unbearable
13-Penetration-Prepare For War
14-Medicated Silence-Premonition
15-Oitao-Tira Na Rotula
16-Coven-McDonaldland Massacre
17-Ratos de Porao-SOS Broken Country
18-  "    "   "  -Gil Coma
19-Witchery-From Dead To Worse
---Butchered Records Artist Spotlight:Visions Of The Night---
20-Storm The Capital
21-Human Failure
22-Transcendence Of The Physical Plane
23-Eternally Self Victimized