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Jun 19, 2010

It's Father's Day weekend, not sure what to get the old battleship for his most prestigeous bragging rights at the local "Moose Lodge"...We can help. The first two blocks consist of idea oriented music, take them as you will. The third block is a dedication to the memory of my father, who has since checked out the building. The forth block is a free for all and then we stuff in a "Classic Albumside" from a band whose name perfectly describes how alot of us feel about the Holiday. Here's a list of Nardowells and Miscreants that grew up with their Father's screaming at them to "Turn It Down" as we all did in one form or another;
1-Beers Metal-Beer Judge
2-Fledgling Death-Back Yarrrd
3-D.R.I.-Suit and Tie Guy
4-Nuclear Beach Party-Amazon Pool Party
5-Flesh Consumed-Nailgun Acupuncture
6-Face The Panic-Nervous Breakdown
7-Jester Heights-Balloon O Joy
8-Hyperion Blast-A Long Nap Before Dying
9-Beyond Death-Morbid Flatulence
10-Green Jello-Misadventures Of Shitman
11-Carcass-No Love Lost(Downtempo Remix)
13-Swashbuckle-Dead Men Tell No Lies
14-Dayglo Abortions-Euthanasia Day
15-C.O.C.-Man Or Ash
16-White Zombie-Die Zombie Die
18-Landmine Marathon-Justify The Suffering
19-Helmet-Exactly What You Wanted
---Super Mystery Classic Albumside of the Week---