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Nov 20, 2008

This weeks Metal Inquisition proffers 16 tracks to chase away the winter blues, it's not melting this time...get over it! A couple of premiers, a Head2Head Battle between Seize The Soul and Murder The Witness, whoose more BRUTAL?...also Tredd and I "Bridge The Gap" once again, this week to Ohio for a band called Ton. Let's all put the feet up and open a can O whoopass!!! Here's the list of miscreants that defiled the airwaves this week:

1-137-What Doesn't Kill You
2-Beers Metal-Drinking Watching Race Cars
3-Hyperion Blast-Bleeding Whiskey
4-Humongous-10 Below
5-Knife Down Danger-Freeze Dried Family
7-Ton-Point Of View
8-Murder the Witness-I'd Rather Kill Myself
9-Seize The Soul-Torture To Believe
10-The Aborts-Silverfish
11-Sumfux-Panic Attack
12-Hold It High-Tempest Tossed
13-Penetration-Ritual Decapitation
14-Medicated Silence-Cemetary
15-Hubris-Fields Of Exquisite Death
16-Brain Pollution-To An End