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Aug 28, 2009

The lazy days of summer have about ended here in WNY, the nights getting chilly and the snow will be back any day, for the next 7-8 months...that being said, get out and breathe while you can...Metal News, Bridging The Gap and a special in -studio guest, Homz. Pirates, Orcs and Buddah-heads, I guess you could say this episode has a little of everything. Here's a shortlist of people who couldn't care less whether Slipknot is on tour or dead in a ditch...

1-Beers Metal-Beer Not A Bitch
2-Dead River Poets-Blood Mares
3-Three Minutes Of Hate-Hostile Intent
6-Swashbuckle-Drink Up
7-Sikfuk-Vagina Speedbag
8-The Accused-Fuck Sorry
9-A Band Of Orcs-Warchiefs of the Apocalypse
10-Crocodile Skink-Revolution
11-Josemaki Crust Orchestra-Puto Facherio
12-Face The Panic-Burning Fight(Live)
13-Blast-Zombie VS. Earth
14-Cult Of War-Shut your Mouth When Your Talking To Me
15-I.N.C.-Scammed Again
16-Bolt Thrower-When Cannons Fade
18-Eternal Torment-Transitional Chaos
19-Armcannon-Power Rangers
20-Red With Envy-Red With Envy
21-The Reefer Hut(Smokey-Album-side-block)-Don't Judge Me
22- "    "     "-Paint Me A Picture
23- "    "     "-The Funky Reefer Hut Man
24- "    "     "-My Time