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Aug 21, 2009

It's Summer in WNY, everything is sticking to everything else...when it's not 90 and humid, it's raining...This weeks episode features a few premiers from bands new to the show, a handfull of plugs for cool shows in the area. as well as a heaping helping of metally goodness to break your teeth on!!! Metal news, some might be disturbing...We "Bridge The Gap" this week to Finland, Calgary-Alberta Canada, Vaster bottens Sweden and Chicago IL. If I told you what these folks were waiting in line to do to the idiot that threw a Giant Gumballs at Cradle Of Filth at Bloodstock, you'd need a sick bag and 24 hours of bedrest...not going to be pretty...

1-Hellcannon-Raiders of the Waste
2-Dragonwind-Consuming The Sun
3-Gallows Pull-Son of a Madman
4-Circadian Drift-Cluster
5-Hate Ammo-The Narcissist
6-The Unravelling-Move Forward Until Your Dead
7-Absolution Project-Not This Time
8-Hubris-Void Callers Litany
9-Calamity From The Skies-Beauty and the Butcher
10-Serenity Falls-Angel Down
11-For The Horde-JFC(Jim Freakin Carey)
12-Usurper-Kill For Metal
13-Grace Of His Bride-Optimism Is Not A Choice
14-Manic Depression-Monkeys On Acid
15-Brain Pollution-Society
16-Mephistoph-Army of the Dead
17-Soul Release-Idiopathic
18-The Atlas Of Early Man-Tables Are For Glasses Not Asses
19-Skinbound-Witch HUnt
20-If Hope Dies-Burned Out
21-25-Mystery Classic Albumside from the T.S.R. Vaults