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Jul 31, 2009

This week we return from a brief hiatus, upgrading our studio equiptment...if you believe that, I've got a bridge for sale as well...The Summer Vacation Editions of the Semi-Weekly MI continues here in it's glory, no idea what to play...distracted by the nice weather calling me to get my ass outdoors and enjoy it! That being said, take us with you to the cookout already, your parents will love it...I swear! Metal News and caged commentary as I ramble and stare out the window...Here's a list of people that think Ozzy should have just made the bloody call to Zakk instead of dumping him during an interview...

1-A 12. Gauge Tragedy-Intro/Cuntastrophe
2-Black Summer Suicide-Inside You
3-Caustic-12 Step Suicide
4-Sacrifice-Homicidal Breath
5-He The Hero-Kick It
6-The Mentors-Forty Ouncer
7- "     "   -Menage Aw Twa
8-Hero Destroyed-Flashers
9-Meliah Rage-Retaliation
10-Sons Of Azrael-Turn That Crown Upside Down
11-Setiva-Screaming Liquid
12-Tough Times-Still Standing
13-Sumfux-Perfect World
14-  "   -Panic Attack
15-The Uta Hagens-Why
16-Dayglo Abortions-Just Can't Say No To Drugs
17-   "        "   -One Cheque From The Street
18-Psyopus-Duct Tape Smile
19-Morax-The Misery Continues
20-Killing Spree-Way Of Life, Way Of Death
21-Leviathan-Destructive Aggressor
22-For The Horde-John Elway
23-Everytime I Die-Emergency Broadcast Syndrome
24-Dark Angel-LIVE SCARS Albumside-The Burning Of Sodom
25-  "    "  -Never To Rise Again
26-  "    "  -Death Is Certain, Life Is Not
27-  "    "  -The Promise Of Agony