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Jul 10, 2009

We hope everyone enjoyed the Independence Day celebrations here in the States, we took last week off to drink and blow stuff up.This week is a continuation of the, "it's summer, so f it", editions of the MI, I took a bushel of good tunes, threw them into a blender, then poured. Metal News, Poor Humor and a special LIVE BLOCK to close the show. We're on Vacation yet again next week, so don't fret, we're getting some much needed r and r and will be back the week after, replenished and ready to bring you more of the best Metal WNY has to offer, as well as acts from abroad...this week we "bridge the gap" to CA, NJ, Amsterdam and even Germany for some of the best stuff your not hearing anywhere but here. Here's a list of Nardowells that didn't try to get tickets to MJ's funeral service...

1-22Red-Note to Self
4-Herod-We Are Those People
5-Off-When Pigs Squeal
6-Tough Times-Your Worthless Perspective
7-The DeVills-Shit Tanked
8-The Cran Tangerines-Conspiracy
9-Bleed For Me-Water to Wine
10-Holy Moses-World In Darkness
12-Swashbuckle-Crewed by the Damned
13-Seita-Imprint Forever
15-Dragonwind-Paralell Worlds
16-The Long Cold Dark-All in Good Time
17-Sakes Alive!-The Open Maw
18-Narcisse-An Inch Of Your Life
19-Flip Shit-Skateboard 2
20-  "    " -b-c its fun
21-Kennedy Carpool LIVE Block from The Evening Star 062709
a-Attempting Arson
b-Razorblade Fingurenails
c-Roosevelt Has Nothing To Do With Anything
d-Tippin Isn't Just A City In China

Surrey Dentists
ten and a half years ago

Metal concept presented nicely to make the concept interesting.