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May 22, 2009

Memorial weekend looming upon us, it's vacation time again for Allwnyradio, a 2hr. plus extravaganza awaits loyal listeners this week. We bring you the very best of WNY Metal, add a pinch of National and International Grooves for flavor. Metal news from all over the world keeping you informed, this episode we "Bridge The Gap" to NJ, Hollywood, Sweden and Canada and beyond...As we prepare to cross the T's and dot the I's, it seemed like an obvious move to take some time and work on the new face of AllWNYRadio, new shows, new hosts and new directions ahead. It's an exciting time here and we're pleased to be able to bring you FREE local broadcasting for your listening pleasure. That being said, here's a roll call of folks waiting in line to kick Scott Stapp in the balls for reforming Creed...

1-The Exalted Piledriver-Sex with Satan(Live)
2-Calamity From The Skies-Beauty and the Butcher
3-A 12.Gauge Tragedy-Boomstick
4-Narcisse-Your Breathing Was A Nuisance
5-Sacrifice-The Great Wall
6-Vomitory-The Carnage Rages On
7-Arsenic-The Mask
8-Low Road Revival-Ruined Mans Hymn(Live)
9-Repulsion-Eaten Alive
10-   "    -Festering Boils
11-Swashbuckle-Drink Up
12-    "      -X Marks The Spot
13-Psyopus-Choker Chain
14-Siege A.D.-Perials Cry(Live)
15-Motorhead-Back At The Funny Farm(Live)
16-Autopsy-Keeper Of Decay
17-Overkill-Use Your Head
18-Six Feet Under-Beneath A Black Sky
19-De Fex-Pigs On Parade
20-Ken-Ton Vigilantes-Get A life
21-Sumfux-Perfect World
22-Faceplant-Terminally Chill
23-The City Creeps-Find It In Yourself
24-The Cran-Tangerines-Wasted Generation
25-C.O.C.-The Door
26-Merciful Fate-Night of the Unborn
27-The Real Rulers-Godhead
30-From Thumbs Stash(Tune in to hear it!!!)